Home Security Leads for dealers

Homesafety, Inc.

To serve our ever growing number of consumers looking for home security system quotes through HomeSafety.com, we are always looking for better coverage of dealers throughout the nation. Are you looking for leads and to grow your business? HomeSafety.com can help you with that!

HomeSafety.com delivers home security leads in “real time” from buyers who have searched for related terms online, researched various solutions and are ready to receive multiple quotes.

How Does it Work?

The visitors on our site fills out a brief questionnaire on HomeSafety.com. After we verified this lead information, we deliver real time leads to you through a login and password in our system.

The service is free to the buyers however, we charge the dealers a small lead fee. We provide the buyer’s full contact information as well as a copy of what they need and when they need it. We run online search and social media, national as well as geo-targeted campaigns to create site traffic and to capture the leads. Across all of our sites, we are able to create a centralized single stream of leads delivered to our providers within minutes of submission.

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Why buying leads from HomeSafety.com?

Here are some new exclusive features of HomeSafety.com:

  1. 1. High quality leads through our own optimized campaigns and portal HomeSafety.com
  2. 2. Competitive prices for quality leads
  3. 3. Additional lead verification and matching to ensure quality leads
  4. 4. Really real-time leads. Big part of the success is the speed in which we’ll provide you with the leads, this really happens within milliseconds.

How to get started?

Step 1: Register here.

Step 2: Pay $250 down payment and you will receive a balance of 10 leads within your specific counties. HomeSafety.com will automatically bill you once your balance reaches $80 unless you tell us not to.

Step 3: You will be granted a login and password to our platform and you will start receiving leads in real time.

Step 4: It is up to you to follow up on the lead and close the deal!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out directly at the number listed below. We look forward to working together again to help grow your business!