What Happens to my Home Security System during a power failure?

Home Security Systems During Power Failure
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Keeping your home and your pets safe is always a top priority. If you spend money on a security system to be installed on the home, you may be wondering if your home is protected during a power outage. When the power goes out, criminals can see it as an opportunity to rob a home as they believe the security system is down. There are advanced systems that have a power backup supply to prevent gaps in coverage.

    • Check the Battery Backup System

To ensure your Home Security Systems are going to protect your home during a power outage, always search for a system with battery backups. A modern system will typically provide a 24-hour battery backup system to keep your home safe. Some could work longer than 24-hours, but it normally doesn’t allow you to have access to all the features including video monitoring and smoke alarm detection as it is conserving energy.

    • Choosing a Home Security System

The right security system will have a power failure alarm that allows you to quickly switch to a generator if the power goes out. Research different security systems until you find the one you trust to protect your home and your pets. To find a Home Alarm System that protects your home during a power outage, check reviews from other pet owners. A motion detection system can still work effectively during a power outage if you have a backup power supply.

    • Backup Power Supply

To be prepared for a power outage, always have a 24-hour battery that you can hook up to your home security system in the event of a power outage. Using a generator is the next step if your home’s security system does not have a power supply.

Install a generator in the garage to hook into your home’s alarm system. Hard-wiring it to an electrical panel is a great way to make sure it will kick on if the power goes out. Large generators can power an entire home, but they cost more than a smaller generator to power the security system alone.

Some pets suffer from separation anxiety, and could have an issue if the power goes out. Keep a battery powered light on in the home, or a radio hooked up to a backup power supply to keep sound in the home in the event that the power goes out. This can help to reduce anxiety in animals that often struggle when their homeowners are not around.