Top 10 Home Security Tips

Home Security Tips
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According to the FBI, there is a home invasion somewhere in the United States approximately every 15 seconds. Some homes are bigger targets than others, and part of this is because their owners don’t take the time to improve their home security. Here are some of the more useful tips that will keep your home safe from break-ins.

  • Install a Home Security System
  • A home security system can include things as simple as a motion sensor that turns on your home’s lights, a loud security alarm that alerts the neighbors and scares away would-be burglars, a silent alarm that alerts the police of break-ins and a closed circuit security camera system. The features that you have will depend on what kind of system you wish to have, but a good home alarm tends to work well for most homes.

  • Change Your Locks
  • If you’ve been the victim of a break-in or fear that you could become a victim, one of the best things you can do is change your locks. This is especially true if you’ve recently moved in to your home. You can never be sure who may have had keys to your home, so it’s better just change the locks to make sure that your new home will be safe.

  • Don’t Let Too Many People Know You’re Away from Home
  • People everywhere have a habit of telling just about everybody who will listen via Facebook and Twitter when they’re going out of town. As excited as you are about your upcoming vacation, sometimes it’s best to keep that information to yourself and those closest to you. Your hundreds of Facebook friends and Twitter followers don’t need to know that your home is unattended. Chances are you don’t really know all of these people that well, and you could be telling one or more burglars that your home is up for grabs this weekend.

    If you really want to tell people online about your vacation, wait until you’re back home first. Post some pictures and some memorable stories then, not when you’re on the other side of the country and your home is unattended.

  • Leave the Spare Key with a Trustworthy Neighbor
  • Many people like to leave a spare key where they can find it if they need it. In the past, this meant leaving a key in the mailbox, under the doormat or in a fake rock at the front of the house. These are all very bad ideas mostly because people have already thought of them and have been using them as hiding places for years. If you’re really worried about losing your keys and think you’ll need some easy-to-access spares, leave them with a trustworthy neighbor instead. They’ll be just as easy for you to get to if you need them, and they’ll be safe from burglars.

  • Leave a Light On When You’re Not Home at Night
  • While it’s not good for your electricity bill to leave all of your lights on all the time, leaving a few lights on at night when you’re not home is often a good way to trick burglars into thinking someone is home. A good light to leave on for this purpose is the one above your stove since it provides plenty of light and is what most people use to illuminate their kitchens when they’re home at night.

  • Install a Deadbolt Lock
  • A deadbolt lock is much stronger than a standard spring latch lock, and having one installed can make your front door that much more secure.

  • Be Careful About What Can Be Seen from Outside
  • If you find that you can easily see into your home through your windows, try to keep your most expensive items such as your HD TV or XBox One away from them. They will only entice burglars to break into your home if they can see them from the street.

  • Make Your Windows Burglar-Proof
  • Since windows are so frequently targeted by burglars trying to break into homes, consider installing window locks and shatterproof glass. You can also make a window harder to climb through by installing several small panes of glass instead of one large one.

  • Keep Your Vehicles Locked
  • Since vehicles can become targets for theft as easily as houses, it’s best to keep their doors locked. Even if you keep your car in a garage, lock the doors.

  • Don’t Forget the Garage Door
  • Even if you don’t use your garage that much, it could still become a target for burglars. Make sure it is closed and locked whenever you’re not using it, even if it isn’t attached to the rest of your home.