Tips for Apartment Security

Tips for Apartment Security
Homesafety, Inc.

Keeping yourself and your family safe in your apartment is of paramount importance, so don’t neglect the responsibility of installing a special apartment security system. Security systems for apartments are designed particularly for apartment use, addressing the demands of this type of housing. Here are some tips for maintaining your security:

    • Make it Hard for a Burglar to Enter

Most times, burglary is a random crime. Often, burglars will try several apartment doors before finding one that’s easy to open. Don’t allow your door to be the one he gains entry to. Make sure your doors have at least two locks: a door knob lock and a deadbolt. Back doors are typically weaker than front ones, so don’t neglect the rear entry.

    • Keep your Car Doors Locked

Burglars will often break into cars and rummage around until they find a spare set of keys or the garage door opener. Don’t make this easy for them. Keep your car doors locked and secured with their own alarm.

    • Install Cameras

Many apartment complexes already have security cameras installed around the property, but you can buy one for your specific unit if approved by your apartment manager. Typically, you can do this on the outside of the apartment but not inside. Consider an apartment security system that connects with local law enforcement which will alert the authorities if an alarm is tripped when you’re not at home.

    • Secure Your Sliding Glass Doors

Install anti-lift and secondary blocking devices on your sliding glass doors, which are notoriously easy for burglars to open. Many people leave their sliders open a crack to let pets out and get some ventilation. Close them up at night and lock them securely as part of your apartment alarm system.

    • Replace Old Locks with Brand New Ones

If you fear for your safety, or you suspect someone’s tried to break in before, request that your landlord install brand new locks, not just rotate old ones from other apartments.

    • Install a High Quality Alarm System

Because renters are 85 percent more likely to be the victims of a home invasion than those who own their homes, be sure to have a security system professionally installed in your unit for protection. While some security system companies won’t install systems in apartment buildings, many can and will. Consider the best in wireless systems to augment your existing home security measures.

Home security for apartments should not be taken lightly, so invest in a good quality system for peace of mind.