Moving With an Alarm System

Moving With an Alarm System
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Are you planning to move soon? What will happen to your Home Alarm Systems if you want to move? Most professional companies will provide a home security transfer policy to make it easier on homeowners when they need to move.

Contact Your Security System Provider

To find out what will happen with your system, contact your alarm provider. Contact them before you move so they can deactivate your account when you move. Your home will continue to receive coverage as long as you occupy the residence. They will come to your new home and install the security system so you can enjoy uninterrupted security. If the new homeowners plan to use the same security system, find out if you will get a discount or bonus by referring them. Most companies will have a buy-out policy if you choose to cancel your account and you do not want to move it to your new home.

  • Moving the System
  • Some Home Security Systems have wireless equipment you can take with you to the new home. Hardwired security systems need to be deactivated, and they are rarely moved to the new home as the security system company will typically send a new installer to your home. Depending upon the size of your new home, it may be beneficial to have a new system installed. Motion sensor systems help to protect your home and work effectively even when the pets are in the home during the day.

  • Moving Out of State
  • If you are moving out of state, it is important to talk to your provider to find out if they provide coverage in your new state. If you do find a better price with a new company, contact your existing provider to find out if they can price match the new rate. Most companies reward customers for their loyalty, and will be able to reduce their costs for the security monitoring protection.

  • Existing Alarms in Homes
  • What happens if you buy a new home that already has a security system installed? Usually the security company will need to evaluate the equipment to determine if it is compatible with their equipment. Modern equipment is something you need to consider if you want motion sensors or wireless security to provide you with a complete monitoring system you can access remotely. Video cameras installed in the home allow homeowners to access them to check on their kids during the day, or to scan around their home for suspicious activity.