Home Security Tips for Winter

Home Safety Tips during Winter Season
Homesafety, Inc.

Did you know home break-ins actually increase during the winter months? Home Security systems can help to protect your home during the winter months when there is a concern of break-ins. Since the days become shorter, the evenings become darker quickly, which normally means homeowners are not around when the home is dark. Motion sensor lighting and video can help to protect a home from burglaries. Coming home to a break-in is a devastating moment for anyone, which is why it is important to consider installing a security system. Use the following winter home security tips to prevent serious concerns.

  • Lock the Doors and Windows
  • A thief will search for areas of weakness of their home. The doors and windows are areas of the home that are common weak points. Always check each window and door to ensure they are locked before you leave the home. If you have a home security system installed, the windows will beep if they are not locked properly.

  • Motion Detection
  • The other thing you need to consider adding to your home is motion detection lighting. Keeping your home well-lit is important to prevent burglaries as most burglaries occur in the darkness. When the lights are on, it makes it harder for someone to break-in unnoticed. A good security system will include automation options that allow you to program the system from your computer or your smartphone. Automatic timers are another option that will help to keep your home safe if you are not around.

  • Remove Greenery
  • The best way to keep your home safe during the winter is to remove the trees and other things that are around the home. It will eliminate hiding spots, and you can see people’s tracks in the snow. If you have patio furniture and other things outside the home, lock them in the garage so they cannot be used to help a person climb onto a roof.

  • Shovel the Driveway and Walkway
  • One easy sign that no one is home is a driveway that is not shoveled. The best winter safety tips for home and apartment owners is to ensure it looks like you are home. Hiring a company to shovel your walks is a great way to improve your home safety.

  • Invest in a Security System
  • The best way to keep your home safe in the winter is by investing in a quality security system. They will alert the police if the windows and doors are opened without the proper code input within a few seconds. Staying safe is vital to your families safety and keeping your assets and loved ones protected from intruders.