Buying Guide

Welcome to our buying guide for home security systems. You´re a home owner and looking for specific information on home alarm systems? Here is the ultimate buying guide on home security systems when you want to purchase an alarm system for your home. Nowadays, there are many options for alarm systems and it can get a bit confusing when you´re doing research. Should I choose an alarm system with or without a 24/7 monitoring, or a versatile monitoring one? Do I need to install it myself or let it install by the provider? How long does it take before they send the police to my home? All these questions mark that home security solutions depend on the needs of homeowners and the specific needs of its home. In this buying guide you will find the home safety and security tips everyone must know.

Tips for Apartment Security

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Home Security Systems and Pets

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Home Security Glossary

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Moving With an Alarm System

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Home Security Tips for Winter

Did you know home break-ins actually increase during the winter months? Home Security systems can help to protect your home during the winter months when… Read More